In this article, we will give you an overview of the best games available on Android. What are the best high-quality games for Android in 2021?

The number of possible answers to this question makes it tough to answer. The last few years have brought significant improvements from a graphical point of view.

Video games that look stunning are possible with powerful smartphones and GPU chipsets. Lately, some big-name console and PC companies have also made the leap to smartphones. Platforms should always be happy about that.

1. Call of Duty Mobile

The new Call of Duty game looks fantastic on Android. A great deal of detail is found on the maps. If you have been a fan of Call of Duty for a long time, you will recognize most of the classic games. 

The weapon models in this game are one of its best features. They are well crafted and designed. There are some good effects here, such as muzzle flickers, flashbangs, and smoke effects.

2. The Elder Scrolls

Android users will now be able to enjoy another great console and PC franchise. Elder Scrolls is a renowned role-playing game series. We’re happy to see it on our preferred mobile platform, since it has millions of fans. Gameplay elements from console games are maintained in this game. It is an amazing sight to see the graphics. The texture work is exquisite.

Furthermore, the lighting and spell effects are top-notch as well. The city looks wonderful with the sun streaming through tree leaves and candlelit dungeons.

3. Asphalt 9 Legends

Although Asphalt 9: Legends may seem like a racing game, it’s really an experience “on rails.” The graphics are absolutely stunning. This renders graphics close to those found on consoles, and it works beautifully on your smartphone.

With tracks ranging from snowy mountains to cobbled alleys, the game takes you to many different places. Beautiful and detailed models of cars are also available.

4. PUBG Mobile

We are amazed that a full-blown console and PC game is available for smartphones. A multiplayer online shooter by PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround. Despite the fact that the graphics aren’t exactly on par with consoles or PCs, they’re still stunning and very enjoyable to watch. 

You will enjoy this game if your phone has the power to run it at the highest graphic settings. This is one of the most popular and beautiful Battle Royale games for Android.

5. Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises is a fantasy RPG you will enjoy if you like that type of game. A beautiful graphics style combined with an innovative gameplay loop makes for an action-packed RPG. Detailed environments and textures show how much time and effort was put into the game. This magnificent RPG also pays a lot of attention to detail in the armor.

6. Real Racing 3

Android has long been dominated by Real Racing 3. The graphics are great, but the controls are realistic and responsive as well. Real-world cars behave and look the same as in virtual reality, and that’s a problem. The cars themselves are excellent, and the textures are great as well. We’d like more diversity in the tracks, but it’s still excellent overall. This game also has an excellent lighting system.

7. Dead Trigger 2

Is your blood churning at the thought of shooting zombies? Dead Trigger 2 is a game you should check out. This game is beautiful yet horrifying at the same time, because you have to kill tons of zombies. There is an incredibly high level of detail in the environments as well as in the internal organs of the zombies. 

The weapons in this game look great, even though they are not the main focus. There are 10 high-definition Android games in the top 10.

8. Infinity Ops

It’s an awesome first-person shooter with futuristic visuals. Especially in the Japanese map, some of the action happens at night, and it looks amazing. Every aspect of the game is top-notch, from lighting to reflections to textures to animations. Sharing this experience with friends is also very enjoyable.

9. Tekken Mobile

Fighting game Tekken is among the largest in the world. You can play the game on your mobile device and see all the characters. The graphics and some of the arenas of the game look epic, despite it being very simple to play on mobile devices. Diverse arenas are available, and the characters are animated beautifully. The game is a great choice if you’re craving one-on-one action.

10. Fortnite

The Epic Store is where you can download Fortnite if you cannot find it on Google Play. One of the most attractive Android games features stylized graphics combined with excellent animation. 

You can also play it on your friends’ consoles or PC in addition to using a smartphone. In Fortnite, players are tasked with being the last person standing and cleaning up everyone on the map.

Final Words

In between these 3 games there are others with great graphics you should consider trying in 2021. Amazing video games will soon be available on Android as technology advances.

It was obviously impossible to list all the games in this list of the top 10 Android games with high graphics. You can tell us about your favorite game in the comments if we missed it.

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