Don’t waste your time playing silly games; install a couple of puzzle games that not only entertain, but also help develop attention and intelligence.

Rather than just providing you with a list of the easiest puzzle games, we decided to give you a comprehensive overview of the most difficult puzzle games. Our selection includes the most popular, interesting and beautiful applications from the wide array of such applications available today

1.Brain It On!

Get your brains in gear! Play Physics Puzzles on Android and experience a physics-based logic arcade.

It is difficult to understand the structure of the playing field. Whether it’s knocking over a cup on the ground or throwing a ball, you’ll need to draw several figures on the screen to help you accomplish your task.


The first few tasks are straightforward and don’t test a player’s intelligence, but rather acquaint the player with the basics. Arcade requires flicking the drawn glass, which consists of several lines, without unnecessary hints. A huge oval or straight stick must be thrown from an extremely high height in order to accomplish this.

Furthermore, it is possible to make a simple hook with more weight on the end, and there is a lot you can accomplish when you solve the puzzle – the challenge is in finding the right solution. There will be different solutions to the problem for each player.

2.Math | Riddles and Puzzles

Looking for a game that will challenge and interest you? Play Match Riddles and see if you can solve them! Every puzzle you solve is more challenging than the last one in this game. You can complete how many levels? See for yourself by trying Math Riddles and its varied challenges!

Math Riddles features more than 100 levels that will test your skills! In order for you to understand how the game works, it begins with simple puzzles.

You’ll have to solve more difficult problems as you progress through Math Riddles. Designed for people who don’t like simple puzzles, Math Riddles will challenge you to think. Although the game contains some really challenging puzzles, it doesn’t require any advanced mathematics knowledge.

3.Puzzle 100 Doors

We will travel through the hot corridors of the Egyptian pyramids, get to know the tricks of the Mayans, marvel at the amazing inventions of the famous Leonardo da Vinci, and experience the fantastic world of logical puzzles.

Search for hidden objects, solve riddles, decrypt ciphers, and find patterns to escape! It only takes one hundred doors to open.

Thousands of positive reviews, millions of players, and hundreds of atmospheric levels speak far more for the game than any description. Enjoy it and download it!


4.MechBox 2

You are once again required to play the role of the Explorer in the sequel of the popular puzzle game and attempt to crack the mystery of the Mechanical Box. There are multiple defense layers of the Box, each with its own puzzle to solve.

There are some extremely challenging puzzles on this list. Nevertheless, each puzzle can be solved with diligence, logic, and out-of-the-box thinking. The mystery of the Mechanical Box awaits you, so are you ready to accept the challenge, reap the rewards of victory, and join the few who have been able to unravel it?

There is a built-in hint system in the Box. It is not a game for the casual player, it is an armored piece of metal. There is no ready-made solution, just a hint.

This mechanical box is a high-tech device designed to store and protect a mysterious object.

5.Mazes & More

The Android application Mazes & More is an interesting collection of various mazes that you can overcome in order to train your attention.

You are going to be surprised at how many complex and challenging tasks there are in this free game. Furthermore, a user must avoid multiple types of opponents in addition to the usual solutions.

Mazes & More offers a variety of quests that will challenge you to progress seamlessly through your journey while avoiding the traps set by those living in the labyrinth. Get rewarded for completing more than 450 unique mazes, and if you pass all levels quickly, you can enter your name in a table of record holders.

A musical accompaniment will help you pay attention to every detail, allowing you to concentrate. Gameplay is exciting, interesting, and in some places even too dynamic because the levels differ on a coordinate plane.

6.Words of Wonders

With Words Of Wonders, you can show how much knowledge you have about iconic buildings around the world. To complete a crossword puzzle, simply order the letters in the correct order.

In order to write and come up with new words, you will have to use your creativity along with their assistance in solving the crossword puzzle. What are your chances of finding the right word? What do you think?

You will sometimes find the answer right away, or you will need to work hard to solve difficult puzzles at each level. You’ll discover new wonders as you cross the globe, but it’s not easy.

7.Jigsaw Puzzles

There are different levels in this puzzle game. Here are the hardest if you prefer them. Various puzzle numbers are available.

If you are not satisfied with the provided selection, you can purchase pictures to your liking, but there is plenty of free content. You can use this game as an eye-trainer.

Create your own puzzles from your own photos, play with more than 10,000 beautiful pictures, and solve Free Day Puzzles!

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