Indie games are isolated by the fact that they are developed by small teams who are not backed by large publishers. Although they are not AAA projects, this does not imply that the quality of the projects are worse. Authors sacrifice beautiful graphics for an original idea and gameplay.

Due to this, indie games grow in popularity and affect the gaming industry as a whole. These are the best indie games you can play offline.

1.Tiny Room Stories

Tiny Room Stories is a detective puzzle game in which players rotate the game location to find answers to puzzles, like Mekorama.

As the story unfolds, the protagonist arrives at his hometown after being told by his father.

Unknown reasons caused its residents to leave. As a result of the devastation of the city, he must recreate the chain of events leading up to it.


Chapters are divided into the puzzle. Generally speaking, the levels aren’t complicated, but there are some parts that require deep thinking.

2.Alto’s Odyssey

The game continues the popular Alto’s Adventure series. Skiing is the only way to play both games: from the mountain, you ride on skis.

The problem is that there are a variety of obstacles on the way. In order to get away from the enemies, you must jump over them or perform special tricks.

Skiing is also possible on the sand dunes and in other unusual locations in Alto’s second part.

Those who want to perform a trick or roll will be able to do so with a special mode that doesn’t require starting from scratch.

Upon falling, Alto simply stands up and continues on. As well as collecting various collectible items, you must also collect other items on the way. In addition to helping you meet the game’s goals, it will unlock new characters.

3.The Silent Age

It is an adventure game that is similar to a point-and-click, telling the story of janitor Joe, the man who must save the world from destruction.

In the story, he exists twice. There was a catastrophe that emptied the world during the legendary ’70s, where he spent most of his life.

He or she must determine what events led to this outcome and how to avoid it in the future.

Playing this game involves solving puzzles and exploring gloomy environments.

4.Battle of Polytopia

The game resembles a mix of the cult “Civilization” and the not less cult “Minecraft”. An educational strategy that takes place in the world of blocks.

In Polytopia, you have to choose one civilization and convert it into an empire by developing the tribe.

Multiplayer and single-player modes are both available. Several options are also available within these modes.

With this option, you can determine the time limit, conquer every city, or get a certain number of points by defeating enemies.

In each move, you receive an asterisk indicating how many controlled cities you have.

These resources can then be used to develop new technologies, build an army, or gather resources. Your troops and resources will need to be deployed intelligently.

Battle for Polytopia allows you to play multiplayer as well as alone. There are two modes in Battle for Polytopia. In this game, a civilization can remain alive for up to 30 moves.


Again, we are playing with blocks. However, the meaning of Mekorama is different. To solve the maze, you need to help the robot.

Simple gameplay and unusual locations await you here.

In this game, you must move through 50 scenes and solve puzzles in order to avoid trouble. Is the free version lacking enough levels? Collection maps are available for purchase.

Mekorama’s VR version is also created by Martin Magney.

You will aid an alien robot in solving over 50 puzzles in this relaxing puzzle game in three-dimensional space.

This robot can climb the surfaces with your help. Aim to reach the cherished button on the level without encountering enemies. A multi-level tower represents the stages.

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