1.Hyper Jobs

You can try your hand at a number of different spheres and different areas in Hyper Jobs, which is unique among its kind.

There are plenty of jobs to be had—doctors, cooks, farmers, salesmen, garbage men, drivers, and more. Each job is interesting and you will be interested in participating in it. The list of vacancies grows to 20 or more. Three-dimensional graphics are used throughout the game, making it look funny. Firefighters and policemen can benefit from getting jobs in these fields.

2.Money Clicker

With his business simulator and clicker, Money Clicker – a fascinating game that can be played on mobile devices and tablets, everyone has the chance to become a billionaire. All you have to do is click.

Users turn into millionaires here, can spend hours on the phone, and can get full satisfaction. You need to study details about the asset market, you need to trade, and you need to earn your huge profits. You will soon be able to own even skyscrapers by investing in real estate.

Hire thousands of employees to grow your business! Run your own research department, organize prizes, compete against the competition, and manage your marketing campaigns!


It’s robotics time! Children will love the game where you can build your own robot and use it to your heart’s content.

Don’t think that this task will be easy once the robot is made. It needs to move, walk, and move all of its limbs. The next step is to teach it to fight, because this will be an indispensable skill.

Get great rewards by engaging in online battles and defeating your opponents. Winning battles rewards you with new parts that you can add to your robot to make it even more powerful.

4.Empire: Rising Civilization

Empire: Rising Civilization lets you declare yourself a conqueror and build a realistic empire.

Use the resources you receive to create imperial relics and shields. It is not acceptable to serve less than the strongest warriors in the world with less than the most powerful weapons. You can only win wars if you do this.

We will succeed if the army is led by epic commanders-in-chief. Hard fights occur in real time between you and your opponents. Take the castle by force after you have won the battlefield. Become a ruler of your own dynasty.

5.Grand Mountain Adventure: Snowboard Premiere

Snowboarding and downhill skiing are featured in Grand Mountain Adventure, a dynamic simulation of winter sports.

Whether you are looking to ski the steepest mountains or climb the highest peaks, there is plenty to do. Face many obstacles along the way, including evil bears, falling trees, avalanches, rocks, and abysses. Complete quests to get new tracks, and improve your skills. Be ranked among the best players

Grand Mountain Adventure received high ratings from the Android app store because the game looks very nice and is simple to play. Its maps are also impressive.



Lofn awoke on a grassy ethereal land, and now she’s embarking on an epic journey.

A tree of memories was endangered and that was her task. Colorful art style is sure to appeal to users. Characters and landscapes with such vivid colors are rare to find anywhere else.

Tapping your smartphone’s screen is all that’s required. Stress can be relieved greatly by relaxing and unwinding. Additionally, the game’s creators have taken the time to craft an engaging storyline.

To convey an atmosphere of paradise, the team of artists decided to use light pastel colors to recreate the appearance of pastel illustrations. Using the elements found on their home planets as inspiration, the designs of the characters and souvenirs were able to create a world that is special and unique.


7.PetrolHead: Traffic Quests

Challenge your friends, become a legend, and have the best driving experience.

Traffic Quest offers realistic driving experience and high-quality graphics. Accelerate and drift on the asphalt to test your skills. Completing missions, getting the best cars, and challenging drivers all over the world will keep things interesting for you!


Become a better driver in Career mode. Keep on expanding your garage as you go through quests. You can test yourself in different ways.

With excellent graphics, you own more than 80 cars. It’s possible to pick up a color in the workshop, add stickers, and upgrade your outfit. Show the world the car you’ve always wanted! Get the highest score possible and become a street king!

Your experience on the street will be enhanced by the amazing graphics. Natural light is used in the design. Join the revolution!

You can drive the car the way you want with realistic mechanics. It is possible to participate in a drift race event, or you can participate in an engine power race! The possibilities are endless in this game!

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