Gacha games are relatively new but quickly gained popularity in many countries including Japan. Games that use Gacha mechanics usually have the same name.

In this game, you play something like a slot machine to earn random virtual items like new characters, suits, and armor.

Your world can be populated with your own characters. However, the Gacha machine requires real-world money or game currency in order to operate. This is when the game gets interesting.

The popularity of Gacha games has increased significantly in recent years. In this review, collected the best Gacha games for android.

1.Azur Lane

et’s start with the beloved hybrid between RPG and bullet hell shooter.


Azur Lane allows players to create battle fleets of ships, and then send them out to battle.

It is clear to us that it is not the combat system that matters, but the way you do things.

You will be treated differently by every girl, and they will react differently to your actions.

You can also marry a ship and begin a romantic relationship with it!

Prior to that, the player has a great deal of choice, because Azur Lane has more than 300 girl ships. They can all talk to you before the battle and provide you with weapons.

Taking advantage of synergy, ship classes, and features, the composition of the flotilla must be analyzed.

2.Honkai Impact 3rd

You should remember Honkai Impact 3rd if two-dimensional graphics aren’t enough for you.

A dynamic battle system, full 3D, and a rich storyline are waiting for you here.

In Honkai Impact 3, mankind struggles to survive apocalyptic conditions by repelling mysterious beings known as Honkai.

The player must gather and train the Valkyrie squad before fighting with them. Similar to Azur Lane, controlled fighters are not faceless characters; each has her own character and mood, and all communicate with the player in various ways. More often than not, they also require attention!

3.Epic Seven

Epic Seven is one of the most popular Gacha games in most people’s minds when they think of the genre.

An anime-roller style of gameplay, well-designed 2D graphics, and excellent animation contribute to the visual appeal of the game.

Fans of the old Final Fantasy will definitely appreciate the step-by-step strategy.

The award-winning prize roll is an important component of Epic Seven.

If the results of the lottery don’t suit you, you can always scroll again. Upon discovering 20 units of local roulette, you can receive special prizes, which may include a rare unit.

It features a turn-based combat system, plenty of monsters for players to exterminate, a story campaign, dangerous locations, and danjas.

4.Granblue fantasy

It’s one of the oldest Gacha representatives, but still popular. Granblue Fantasy is a turn-based RPG.

Using Rage of Bahamut, players can immerse themselves in the technological fantasy world.

The local Lorra is based on it.

Grablue Fantasy has two types of battle – story quests, which the player can complete by themselves, and raids, which are for parties of from six to 30 people.

When the player passes the campaign, he finds pharma resources. Gradually increasing rank opens the door to complex raids, where without good equipment and tactics they can’t succeed.


Want to do something a little different instead of going through the motions each time? Gacha elements have been added to Yostar’s Tower Defense game.

An anime-style knight is made using high-quality animation. Your unique detachment can withstand a deadly threat thanks to a wide array of characters.

New characters, kits, materials, and improvements have been added to the story of Arknights in the sixth chapter.

Gacha boxes with new operators are also available temporarily.

Several different events are taking place simultaneously in the game. There is a good chance that some of the items you receive will disappear from rarities. Don’t pass up the opportunity to get a lot of gifts and stuff.

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