Is your writing skill up to par? Show me! Our review of today’s best word games has compiled the best games similar to Boggle.

Boggling games with multiplayer in one place! Extend your vocabulary while playing with friends.

1.Boggle With Friends

Crosswords and word puzzles are your favorite pastimes? Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! We hope you enjoy the new design of Boggle With Friends! From Hasbro comes a new twist on a classic board game. A variety of features, daily challenges, and puzzle twists keep this game fresh.

You can compete against opponents from all over the world in this fast-paced and addictive word game.

Playing a three-round match solo against the Coach is a great way to test your word skills if it seems hard to start. You can then challenge an opponent when you are ready.

2.Word Chums

It’s highly recommended that you try the game Word Chums if you are a fan of word games. Besides having fun graphics and audio, it is also very well made.

You can customize your characters in multiplayer mode, unlike other modes. The game has a full dictionary.

It is possible for three or four players to play Word Chums; a friend, a stranger, or Chumpbots can join you. If you have a Facebook account, you can play against your friends. During competitions, in-app chat is available for friendly play.

Play Word Chums to test your skills!

3.Word Wars

There are few Android games that are ad-free like this one. Learn new words on the go by playing quick word battles with your friends!

There is no limit to the number of matches you can play. In other words, you will never tire of waiting for your opponent to take his turn.

4.Words with Friends Classic

By far one of the most popular free social word games available, Zynga’s Words with Friends Classic. You place words made up of your seven letters on the board to compete against your opponent in a similar way to the classic Scrabble game.

Each turn will appear as a pop-up notification. You can play with up to 20 other players at the same time. Facebook, Twitter, or a random opponent can be arranged for you to play.

With Words With Friends Free, you have the option to play 20 different games at the same time. Its key advantage is its asynchronous multiplayer system. Your friend has ample time to respond to you after you forward your move to him. Choosing the perfect move will take some time so you can think it through.

A chat room is available for players to communicate.


In addition to Words With Friends and other similar games, Ruzzle is also a cool word game. This game will challenge you to create as many words as possible in a certain amount of time.

Despite the fact that you can practice on your own, playing Ruzzle against other users online is much more fun. Two minutes will be given to each player to compose as many words as possible with the letters they see on the screen.

As you compose words, you will receive different amount of points, which will be determined by their length and number of letters.When you make up the shorter word with unusual letters, it will probably score better than a five-letter word that has the same number of letters.

RUZZLE is a dynamic and fun game that allows you to showcase your rich vocabulary and enjoy fast games. In addition, this game can be played in more than one language, so you can always test your knowledge, such as in English or German.

6.Word Crack Mix 2

Enjoy this multi-platform word game. You can play with friends or against random users. In addition, there is no restriction on the type of game you can play.

Interested in a new challenge? With the new single-player mode, you can find your own word search rhythm. Join the characters in the game and help them win medals, earn experience, and keep your brain sharp.

Connect the letters on the board in any way you like so that you can form the most words possible. Each round lasts 2 minutes, so you’ll have to think fast!

By the end of this free word game, the player with the most points will be the winner. This free word game allows you to test your vocabulary and spelling skills.

This charming cast will show you the way to triumph. What are you waiting for? This game is sure to please you from beginning to end!

7.Scrabble® GO

Play Scrabble® GO and show off your skill and wit. With this app, you can play duels, challenge your knowledge, and test it on one of four modes.

In addition to allowing you to play with friends and family on Facebook, Scrabble GO also provides new challenges such as anagrams, chasing moving words, and more. Moreover, the tracking system allows you to keep track of your progress in training mode.

The platform has words and letters all over it; each day you have to solve crossword puzzles to advance. It is a fun and interesting game you can play with your friends and family. Using hints, extra power-ups, and changing your appearance can help you win.

Let your friends set their own records, and then you’ll try to beat theirs if you want to be competitive. Over 3 modes are available in total.


Wordfeud is another mobile game that is constantly being updated and improved. It has two versions: free and paid, without any in-game purchases.

There are some differences between Scrabble and the classic version. The game board can be laid out in any order you want, for example. You have the option of playing up to thirty levels online with different opponents. Playable in nine different languages.

A friend can be invited from your contact list, by mail, or the game will select someone at random. Players are listed in order of when the game started, how long ago the last move occurred, and when the last answer was made.

You have 72 hours to choose your words and where they should appear, so you can take your time. I think the game would have been more competitive if it had player statistics. Additionally, you can send messages to your opponents. There is an option to set up notifications, so you won’t need to constantly watch your phone.

We don’t know how active the community is right now, but there’s no doubt someone out there who will enjoy multiplayer games without too much wait.

You can learn the language quite quickly from the game, and it does not take a lot of time. Having tried it, I believe it is an excellent educational game.

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