Best Gacha Games for Android

Gacha games are relatively new but quickly gained popularity in many countries including Japan. Games that use Gacha mechanics usually have the same name. In this game, you play something like a slot machine to earn random virtual items like new characters, suits, and armor. Your world can be populated with your own characters. However, […]

Best HD RPG Games for Android

What is your favorite RPG genre? There is a good chance that you had to sort through a number of various games on the market to find something worthwhile more than once. It is very difficult to find something good among the large number of clicker games and the like. Here we have compiled the […]

Best Offline Indie Games for Android

Indie games are isolated by the fact that they are developed by small teams who are not backed by large publishers. Although they are not AAA projects, this does not imply that the quality of the projects are worse. Authors sacrifice beautiful graphics for an original idea and gameplay. Due to this, indie games grow […]

Best Indie Games for Android 2021

1.Hyper Jobs You can try your hand at a number of different spheres and different areas in Hyper Jobs, which is unique among its kind. There are plenty of jobs to be had—doctors, cooks, farmers, salesmen, garbage men, drivers, and more. Each job is interesting and you will be interested in participating in it. The […]

Hardest Puzzle Games for Android in 2021

Don’t waste your time playing silly games; install a couple of puzzle games that not only entertain, but also help develop attention and intelligence. Rather than just providing you with a list of the easiest puzzle games, we decided to give you a comprehensive overview of the most difficult puzzle games. Our selection includes the […]

Best Boggle Multiplayer Games for Android 2021

Is your writing skill up to par? Show me! Our review of today’s best word games has compiled the best games similar to Boggle. Boggling games with multiplayer in one place! Extend your vocabulary while playing with friends. 1.Boggle With Friends Crosswords and word puzzles are your favorite pastimes? Don’t let this opportunity pass you […]

8 Best Local WiFi Multiplayer Games for Android in 2021

It is much more fun to play games with friends than alone, especially if you get together. Play games with local multiplayer on your Android devices to enjoy entertainment or competition with like-minded people in a friendly environment. Organizing a real match is possible, and the winner isn’t so important. Most important is having fun […]

8 Best Helicopter Games for Android in 2021

You can play helicopter simulator games if you are interested in flying helicopters. In 2021, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 best helicopter games for Android. There are few planes that have the capability of landing in places where airplanes cannot, which makes helicopters much cooler. The shape and size of these products […]

Top 10 Best High Graphics Android Games in 2021

In this article, we will give you an overview of the best games available on Android. What are the best high-quality games for Android in 2021? The number of possible answers to this question makes it tough to answer. The last few years have brought significant improvements from a graphical point of view. Video games […]