It is much more fun to play games with friends than alone, especially if you get together.

Play games with local multiplayer on your Android devices to enjoy entertainment or competition with like-minded people in a friendly environment. Organizing a real match is possible, and the winner isn’t so important.

Most important is having fun with friends – a rewarding experience.

1.Mini Militia

Two-dimensional arcade shooter with platforming elements and a dynamic cooperative multiplayer battle system in Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2. Anyone who has never played a shooter will be intrigued by it. Teenagers and children like its graphics. A large variety of clothing, weapons, and skins are available in Mini Militia.

Multiplayer and single-player modes are available in this game. You will need to complete missions one after another in single-player mode.

Multiplayer mode will let you fight real opponents, who will not just fly around aimlessly, but aim directly at your head, causing deadly damage. You will be confronted with more deliberate enemies, who will hide behind covers, throw grenades, and more. Choosing the right battle tactics is the key to victory.

2.Pixel Gun 3D

This FPS game, with its juicy pixel graphics, offers a lot of content and is guaranteed to keep you entertained for many hours.

Whether you are connected to the Internet or not, this game will keep you entertained at home or on the go.

As a clan, you can take your clan to the top divisions and receive valuable rewards. Defend your Fort from ferocious monsters and attacks from other clans. Your friends and you can attack enemy bases by upgrading your Siege Tank.


3.Asphalt 8

Android users can now enjoy the latest game from the famous arcade racing series Asphalt 8. The characters jump on trampolines and flip cars around their axis, which is part of the game’s incredible high-speed tricks.

The amazing stunts and high-speed tracks in this book will delight racing enthusiasts, who will be able to view them in a variety of beautiful locations.

As part of the new game, players can perform stunts on trampolines in flight. Racing participants improve their control and improve their machine’s performance.


Spaceteam – you will stand at the helm of a star cruiser!

A new recruit joins the Spaceteam crew! Get ready to annihilate spaceships with thermo-reversible flatbed blasters! Don’t be afraid to own it!

Discover an unusual app that can be played with a small group of friends. To survive, you’ll have to shout technical nonsense to one another until the explosion destroys the ship. It is the player’s responsibility to run the app on their device.

You’ll be in charge of a randomly-constructed control panel, which includes levers, keys, controllers, and monitors. It is your responsibility to give the commands to the ship in time. You will not receive instructions directly, but your partners will, so you will have to keep your partners informed. There is a threat of an exploding star nearby, and the ship is on its way down! Hurry!

The Millennium Falcon and the Enterprise aren’t the best, but you and your friends are!

5.Ludo King™

The Ludo King game for Android is a great way to enjoy the classic Parcheesi (ludo) game. By just passing the device to each other, you can play both against a friend and a computer.

Choose between two, three, or four players in the game’s settings. The color you want to play is even up to you.

All players who have played Ludo King should be familiar with the game’s rules. In case that happens, you will find in this application a small section in which you can see all the rules.

Before your opponent has time to put four chips on his or her color base, you must place the four chips. Additionally, bringing down the opponent’s item is even better.

Parcheesi games are very entertaining, which makes Ludo King an addictive game. One of the largest board games in the world has been adapted for the screen, so it’s sure to hold your attention for many hours.

6.Chess Free

Chess Free is a chess game you can play on your Android phone or tablet, enabling you to play your favorite game anywhere.

There are twelve difficulties available in Chess Free. If you’re good at chess, you may not have much trouble beating artificial intelligence at the beginning, but at the top echelons, it will seem impossible.

The same device will also let you play against real opponents. When it’s time to move, just pass the devices back and forth between you.

The Chess Free game includes eight sets of pieces and eight boards. So, you can diversify the game a bit.

The Chess Free app for Android is an excellent way to play chess on the go. There is no difference between the free and paid versions of the game despite the name, which implies it is completely free. It is, in fact, a great opportunity to play.

7.Gunstar Heroes Classic

A world of chaos and madness awaits players once again in Gunstar Heroes Classic – free action. Defeat all the enemies in the way of the main character using different weapons and mechanisms.

With each level, the character faces enormous challenges and an array of enemies who want to stop them before they reach the big boss. Help the brothers destroy the mad warlord’s plans by going to the Ark and stopping him.

With superweapons, the opponents hope to seize world dominance so they can rule everything independently. In response to this, the red and blue characters armed themselves with different kinds of weapons. It offers a wide assortment of weapons as well as different locations so the user will never get bored.

8.Critical Strike CS

This cool mobile game based on terrorists and special forces members is called Critical Strike CS. If you want to join the squad, you must possess sufficient spirit to combat criminals.

The game takes place entirely online, where everyone tries their best to prove they are the best. Join this global team and let’s achieve our best results together. Adapted for mobile phones, with cool graphics and simple controls.

Combat takes place in several places. You should use your machine gun, pistol silencer, or rifle to take out your enemies. Despite having a visual style and gameplay similar to Counter-Strike, Critical Strike lacks some variety in its game modes.

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