You can play helicopter simulator games if you are interested in flying helicopters. In 2021, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 best helicopter games for Android. There are few planes that have the capability of landing in places where airplanes cannot, which makes helicopters much cooler. The shape and size of these products vary depending on the purpose of their use.

1. Police Helicopter Flying Simulator

Among the best helicopter simulators for Android in 2021, Police Helicopter Flying Simulator is a top contender. The game has tons of police helicopters which makes it a perfect choice for fans of the helicopters.

In this game, you’ll be able to select different helicopters, including the Eurocopter, Bell 407, Mi-8, Apache, and transport helicopters. Also, every mission in the game will keep you engaged for hours. The helicopter game is free, but advertisements and in-app purchases are present.

2. Air Cavalry Pilot Simulator

Among the top helicopter games on Android, Air Cavalry Pilot Simulator tops them all. A total of 18 gunships are included in the game, including the Black Hawk, the MV-22B, the Apache, the Mi-24, and others.

As the game takes place in Afghanistan, you will see a lot of mountains, hills, and arid regions. You can destroy the buildings with your helicopter, and it also comes with various destructible buildings. Air Cavalry Pilot Simulator is free to play, but it includes in-app purchases and advertisements.

3. Helicopter Flying Adventures

Fly your favorite helicopters in Helicopter Flying Adventures, another very promising helicopter game that you can play. You will have a lot of fun playing this game with its high-quality graphics and helicopters in abundance.

In addition, there is a tutorial, which will teach you the basics of helicopter operations, so that you can easily fly your favorite helicopter. Free download of Helicopter Flying Adventures comes with in-app purchases and advertisements.

4. Rescue Helicopter Simulator

A helicopter rescue simulator, as the name suggests, is exclusively dedicated to rescuing missions. You’ll find forests, canyons, hills, and other natural habitats during your journey through this game’s open world.

You can choose from many helicopters in the game, including Mi-8s, Apaches, Transfer Choppers, and more. You can play training missions as well as regular rescue missions in order to stay at the top of your game. Ads are present and there is in-app purchasing.

5. Helicopter air raid

You will be involved in immersive battles in this game, where you will have to target and destroy your enemies using deadly helicopters.

Throughout the game, you will have to fly a helicopter through over 40 challenging levels. Additionally, you will find yourself being confronted by an array of different bosses in the boss mode. In-app purchases and ads are present in Helicopter Air Raid, which is free to play.

6. Marina Militare It Navy Sim

The Naval Sim Marina Militare is another popular helicopter game that lets you fly the helicopters of your choice. Aside from this, you can also fly the various naval ships and planes in the game.

Among the gaming activities you can participate in in the game are search and rescue, maritime control, formation flights, and air refueling. There are optional in-app purchases in Marina Militare It Navy Sim, but it is free to play.

7. Battle Copters

A helicopter simulation game, Battle Copters is one of the more recent ones, but it has great potential. This game has many possibilities that go beyond simply controlling the helicopter. The game lets you engage in intense battles that challenge your skills.

You can play as Free for Alls or Deathmatches in the game’s multiplayer modes. Several promising helicopters are included as well for you to fly and have fun with. There are in-app purchases and ads in Battle Copters.

8. Helicopter Army Simulator

A helicopter simulation game based on Android, Helicopter Army Simulator is one of the best. This game lets you experience the most advanced and dangerous helicopters used by armies all over the world.

You can fly AH-64 Apaches, CH-47 Chinooks, Mil Mi-8s, and other deadly army helicopters in this game. The flying machines also allow you to shoot at dangerous criminals with their weapons. There’s no in-app purchase for Helicopter Army Simulator, though it is available for free.

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